-- Before the Fall --

  • Lemniscate
  • First Death
  • Same Player. Shoot Again.
  • Nothing Left to Do
  • A Passage of Time
  • The Rise and Fall of Earth

-- After the Fall --

  • Earth's Population: 1
  • Earth's End
  • Adrift
  • From Its Sky
  • Forever
  • First Death (epilogue)

All songs by Benadjer/Bournier/J.No.



"For our second album we wanted to do something different but most of all I wanted and needed time to have new ideas for new lyrics. Paul wanted to release the new album very quickly after Many Miles Away but we had nothing, no music, no lyrics. So I started to think.

I had this idea for a song for several years: the story of a man or a woman that couldn’t die no matter what. At first he/she thought it was a blessing: the dream of eternal life… But nothing lasts for ever, not even our Earth… what would happen to him/her then, drifting alone in the space?..."




Keyboardist and singer Paul J. No and singing drummer Sebastien Bournier have known each other for twenty years. They’ve been playing on one another records for a long time and four years ago they decided to write songs together. Lyrics and musical ideas were exchanged and before they knew it 8 songs were born. Both realised fairly quickly that they needed another soul to cover their weaknesses i.e. guitars, bass and mix. Luckily, Sebastien knew the perfect gem and invited his old friend Jean-Philippe Benadjer to come aboard. Jean-Philippe gladly agreed and contributed beautiful guitars and bass as well as music for two news songs, thus completing the 10 songs of the first Lunear album: Many Miles Away.

Sebastien Bournier

Sebastien Bournier

Drums / Vocals / Lyrics and Music / Bad Jokes and Pizza
Paul J.No

Paul J.No

Keyboards / Lead Vocals / Music / San Pellegrino
Jean Philippe Benadjer

Jean Philippe Benadjer

Guitars / Bass / Vocals / Mix / Artwork / Website / Coffee