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We've finished writing and recording our fourth record named "from above". We genuinely believe this will be our best album, particularly because for the first time, we were able to be in the same room to write and record. Due to this belief, we want to entrust the album's mixing and mastering to a professional to offer a production that matches the music we've created.


GOSTRAKS 's small compagnon is here

  1. Chequered Love / Kids in America (original by Kim Wilde)
  2. Come On Let's Go (original by Broadcast)
  3. Kiss Me (original by Sixpence None The Richer)


  1. Turn it on again (original by Genesis)
  2. Modern Love (original by David Bowie)
  3. Warriors of the wasteland (original by Frankie Goes to Hollywood)
  4. Inside (original by Stiltskin)
  5. Sleeping Satellite (original by Tasmin Archer)
  6. Perfume (original by Britney Spears)
  7. Shake the disease (original by Depeche Mode)
  8. Venice Bitch (original by Lana Del Rey)
  9. Renée (original by Talk Talk)
  10. This is the 21st century (original by Marillion)

All arrangements by Lunear.

JP Benadjer : guitars, bass and vocals.
Paul J.No : keyboards and vocals.
Sébastien Bournier : drums and vocals.



"[...]We first wanted to do a « girl cover » EP. 3 songs originally written/sung by girls. Simple. Fast. Easy.

We started to think about these songs, but Seb told us about a contest.
So we did « Inside » for this contest, and it was great. Recorded and mixed in 3 days. Simple. Fast. Easy.
So we thought about making an entire album of covers, like a pause between two « real » Lunear albums.
Each one selected a few songs, trying to find how we could do them in a Lunear way.
3 songs turned to 13 songs.
And one day, i said : « What about making an album with linked titles ? »
And then the problems begun.
Not so simple. Not so fast. Not so easy.
This « pause » album became a real complicated Lunear album"



After "Inside", "Sleeping Satellite" is our second single from our forthcoming album "Gostraks", available on June, first.

It's a song originally sung by Tasmin Archer in 1992, a great hit that year.

As big fans of Frank Herbert’s Dune, David Lynch and Toto, and to celebrate the new Dune movie by Denis Villeneuve, Lunear is happy to share with you this cover of Toto’s "Take My Hand", a piece of music composed for David Lynch’s Dune soundtrack, one of the best soundtrack ever made.

It is dedicated to Dave, Luke and Jeff.

A Great review From Notes Reviews


Keyboardist and singer Paul J. No and singing drummer Sebastien Bournier have known each other for twenty years. They’ve been playing on one another records for a long time and four years ago they decided to write songs together. Lyrics and musical ideas were exchanged and before they knew it 8 songs were born. Both realised fairly quickly that they needed another soul to cover their weaknesses i.e. guitars, bass and mix. Luckily, Sebastien knew the perfect gem and invited his old friend Jean-Philippe Benadjer to come aboard. Jean-Philippe gladly agreed and contributed beautiful guitars and bass as well as music for two news songs, thus completing the 10 songs of the first Lunear album: Many Miles Away.

Sebastien Bournier

Sebastien Bournier

Drums / Vocals / Lyrics and Music / Bad Jokes and Pizza
Paul J.No

Paul J.No

Keyboards / Lead Vocals / Music / San Pellegrino
Jean Philippe Benadjer

Jean Philippe Benadjer

Guitars / Bass / Vocals / Mix / Artwork / Website / Coffee